Enhancing Joy in Practice and Productivity with a Team-based Solution

Improving clinical productivity is an urgent priority for all healthcare organizations. Whipping providers to see more patients is counter productive, but when you eliminate hassles, obstacles to clinic workflow, and minimize EHR admin work, they will happily spend more time on direct patient care.

SigmaMed’s “Joy in Practice” Transformation was designed to rapidly improve clinical productivity within the framework of a report by the Annals of Family Practice Medicine on high functioning primary care practices entitled, “In Search of Joy in Practice”.  Your revenues will increase, provider, patient and staff satisfaction will improve, and work might even become more enjoyable for everyone.

Our improvement teams are made up of clinic staff from all functions.  In the process of addressing their daily hassles and frustrations, and those of the providers, the atmosphere in the clinic, workflow, operations, and satisfaction all improve.  In the extra time created by a more predictable, less error-prone operation, work can be more effectively allocated to facilitate improved provider workflow.  Time spent fixing mistakes and dropped balls may be redirected to providing services that patients need and care about.

The team that performs this work will learn valuable lessons of continuous improvement that enable it to refine changes over time and further enhance revenue, satisfaction, and the quality of care.   Working on a project like this deeply connects staff to the organization and naturally improves job satisfaction and patient perception of the practice.

Case Study – Rapid Improvement in a CAH Clinic

Kahuku Medical Center (KMC) is a 21 bed Critical Access Hospital on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.   KMC has a 5 provider clinic and recently completed a Rapid Improvement Training project to increase clinical productivity, patient access, and overall satisfaction.  Results after the one day event and 2 months of follow-up project management include a 57% increase in provider productivity and patient access.  Please read our Case Study for more information.

Joy in Practice – 4 CAH Clinic Example

SigmaMed recently finished a project in 4 primary care clinics with 15 providers owned by a Colorado CAH that increased annual revenue $3.6 million within 5 months, all while improving the quality of care, patient, staff and provider satisfaction, and beginning the process of transition to population care management.   These clinics had been working for over a year to improve patient volumes, but with a little guidance and determined team building they were quickly able to turn around the financial picture of the entire organization.

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