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Rapid Improvement Training for High Performing Clinic Leadership

The SigmaMed Rapid Improvement Training for High Performing Clinic Leadership is a 1 day team-based training event designed to identify major obstacles to clinical productivity and mentor leaders and staff in the use of Lean tools to improve clinic processes.  Principles of the “Joy in Practice” report on high functioning clinics are used as a guide to clinic redesign.

Case Study – Productivity and Access Improvement at Kahuku Medical Center Clinic


  • Increase clinical productivity and patient access
  • Improve patient, provider, and staff satisfaction
  • Promote open communication and development of a culture of trust
  • Enhance clinic workflow and enable staff to work at top of their licenses
  • Teach leaders and staff key Lean tools and concepts of continuous improvement
  • Prepare the clinic for population care management or other advanced models of care

What’s Involved

  • Mentoring of team leader in development of a project charter and initial measurements
  • Web training for project team and any interested facility staff in key concepts of Lean healthcare
  • 1 ½ day Rapid Improvement Training event to identify root causes and intervention plans
  • Demonstration of Huddle Board to promote staff engagement and rapid improvement
  • Two months of ongoing Project Management to drive progress toward goals

Key outcomes of the event include a prioritized list of obstacles to clinic workflow as identified by the team, intervention action plans to address root cause of the top 2 issues, 2 months ongoing mentoring and project management to ensure goals are attained, and enhanced team communication and team spirit.  After the event leaders are trained to use a SMART Huddle Board to foster staff engagement and a culture of continuous improvement.

Sample of Results

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