Heart-Centered Leadership

Leadership in the uncertainty surrounding healthcare today requires a new skill set.   Getting the most of your people and resources with shifting priorities is not a straight line path and building resilience and adaptability into your organization must be a top priority.  A learning organization is the foundation of just such a culture, but the leadership skills required actually contradict common wisdom of what leadership entails.

SigmaMed’s training and mentoring services have all been designed to teach your leaders and staff how to engage teams and optimize organizational performance with the tools of continuous improvement.  In the process of addressing priority organizational issues, your leaders will also learn the soft skills needed to open paths of communication and build a culture of psychological safety.  This is how you build an organizational culture of continuous improvement that launches you to the next level, all while ensuring your project teams successfully meet their improvement goals.

What’s in it for you?

  • Guaranteed ROI on your training dollars; All our training is done in the process of solving your top organizational problems and we ensure that project results repay the training cost many times over
  • Development of highly competent internal expertise; the best way to learn something well enough to use it is in context.  Our training project format develops the ability of your people faster and with higher effect than any other training available on the market
  • Concise, actionable learning; we distill our 60+  years of Lean Six Sigma experience into simple and actionable lessons that will enable your team to solve 98% of your problems.  We make it easy so your people can use it quickly with high impact!
  • We are your outsourced expert team of quality, process improvement, and project management specialists.  We’ve seen it all before and are only a phone call away from helping your teams attain best possible outcomes.  Advice is always free!

Please contact us for more information on our company services or a detailed evaluation of your requirements. We enjoy helping others and happily dispense free advice!