The organizations listed below provide a plethora of information you may use to better understand the application and results of Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare.  We would love to work with you, but know that if the fit isn’t right, it just isn’t right and we are happy to help you find a group better suited to your needs.

  1. SigmaMed Grassroots Healthcare
  2. iSixSigma Healthcare
  3. National Association for Healthcare Quality
  4. Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research
  5. American Society of Quality
  6. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Some of these organizations provide services similar to those we offer and we encourage you to fully explore your options before engaging a provider. Trust between your organization and the consultancy you engage is of ultimate importance and we expect you are best positioned to determine which type of consulting organization best suits your needs. We hope you believe that the intimate, customized approach we offer is the best fit for you, but know this approach is not right for everyone and are happy to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of other Lean Six Sigma consulting approaches.