We have partnered with several top national healthcare consulting firms to provide you with easy access to best-in-breed services that don’t fall directly in our domain of expertise.  Each of the firms listed below has a tremendous reputation and years worth of satisfied customers to substantiate their reputation.  We will be happy to provide you with a personal introduction and they will offer you their preferred partner pricing to save you some money.

CSS Consulting Group

CSS offers a full range of services to improve the support areas of your facility including supply chain management, management, operations, financial, risk management, regulatory and pharmacy management.  They have provided services for some of the country’s most progressive healthcare organizations and their service is guaranteed to provide you a 3-5x return on your investment.

Destra Consulting

Destra is an international organizational effectiveness firm that has worked with hospital systems, Fortune 500 companies, governmental and educational bodies around the world since 1985.  Destra was one of the original consulting firms that worked with GE to develop the Six Sigma methodology and working together we have developed healthcare specific Lean Six Sigma training materials of an unparalleled quality.

RT Welter & Associates

For more than 20 years, R.T. Welter and Associates has enabled physician practices, of all specialties, to cost effectively tap into a broad scope of expertise on the business of running a successful and profitable practice. We enjoy the confidence of physician relationships locally, nationally and internationally.

Privaplan Associates

PrivaPlan Associates is a leading source of HIPAA compliance expertise in a wide array of products and services including guidance on: HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security, and also NPI! Check out our NEW HIPAA multimedia training product with online testing.

Full Circle Projects

 Full Circle Projects, Inc., a San Francisco-based consulting firm, is dedicated to serving community clinics and health centers. Providing innovative strategies and solutions for information technology, management and operations, Full Circle Projects helps clinics and their funding organizations accomplish their missions more effectively.